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Tuesday, November 08, 2016 - 04:07 AM UTC
New from Hataka comes a new acrylic paint set in their popular range focused on present-day US armour.
HTK-AS67 “Modern US Army and USMC AFV paint set”
After relatively short period of using the complex MERDC camouflage, in mid-1980s a new 3-colour pattern was developed by NATO (as in the US this process was parallel to transition to Chemical Agent Resistant Coating paints - CARC - it is often referred to as "CARC scheme"). The new paint scheme was to be used by all NATO ground forces and consisted of a base green colour (FS34094) with brown (FS30051) and black (FS37030) disruptive shapes. Washable white paint was advised for temporary (partial or overall) pattern in winter environment. CARC Tan (FS33446) or more recently CARC Middle Stone (FS33531), both with strong fading tendency, have been used in desert conditions. Heavy-armour vehicles' interiors are painted gloss white, while most of APCs/IFVs still use light green shade (FS24533).

HTK-AS67 includes standard colours of US AFVs since mid-1980s. The set contains:
HTK-A016 – Dark Green – FS34079 (MERDC Forrest Green), overall colour of early M1 Abrams tanks. Used on part of M1 Abrams of USMC during ODS
HTK-A152 – NATO Green – FS34094 (CARC Green), used in standard NATO 3-colour camouflage. Also overall colour of Stryker IFV family
HTK-A188 – NATO Brown – FS30051 (CARC Brown), used in standard NATO 3-colour camouflage of majority of US Army and USMC AFVs
HTK-A125 - NATO Black – FS37030 (CARC Black), used in standard NATO 3-colour camouflage of majority of US Army and USMC AFVs
HTK-A153 – MK-7 Temporary White – Washable (temporary) matt paint used to cover selected areas in improvised winter camouflage of US AFVs (over CARC scheme)
HTK-A238 – Desert Tan – FS33446 (CARC Tan), initial standard colour of US military vehicles in desert conditions (with strong fading tendency)
HTK-A090 – Sand – FS33531 (CARC Middle Stone), recent (OIF, OEF) desert colour of US military vehicles. Also used for panel lighting over CARC Tan
HTK-A239 – Seafoam Green – FS24533, standard colour of interiors of US modern APCs and IFVs (including M113, LVTP7/AAVP7, M2/M3, but not Stryker)

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Very nice range of colors, Hataka is shaping up to be a great addition to the modelling world!
NOV 08, 2016 - 05:16 AM
so FS 33531 is the most recent shade of tan being used?
NOV 09, 2016 - 12:47 AM

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