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Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 06:27 PM UTC
Scale Model Club "Novi Sad" - IPMS Serbia invites you to take part in first online competition honoring lieutenant commander Aleksandar Berić.

WHO WAS Aleksandar Berić?

Lieutenant commander A. Berić was an officer in Royal Yugoslavian Navy. At the time of attack of Germany on Yugoslavia he was commanding officer of river monitor “Drava” stationed on Danube river, near Hungarian border. Upon receiving requests to surrender the monitor and its crew, he replied: “Drava is not surrendering, long live the motherland!” thus beginning the journey to history and memory! On 12th of April 1941 on 1287th km of the Danube river, in epic battle vs German Stuka dive bombers, Drava was sunk taking with her seventy crew members to the brown depths. Lieutenant commander Aleksandar Berić, although heavily wounded, was last seen standing at attention, saluting the battle ensign full of bullet holes, going down with his ship, thus sharing her destiny and that of the crew. This Cup is dedicated to the memory on lieutenant commander Berić and crew of the Royal Yugoslav monitor “Drava”.


The sole category of this Cup are Allied ships that took part in WWII, with all scales and materials allowed. There is no age limitation for competitors. The models that already participated in contests or were already published in magazines are allowed to enter the Cup, (except those that participated in the last two Danube 1255 competitions). Single competitor can participate with as many ships as he/she wants, but for each model in competition an application form must be filled.


Competition starts on 01st of March 2017 and lasts until 04th of April 2017, when it is the last deadline to send photos (04th of April until 00:00 CET).


The competition is online and competitors send photos of completed or work-in-progress models, based on which the judges will rate all the models that are participating. As for WIP (work-in-progress) models, they are taken into account only if completed by the deadline and if photos of completed models are sent to us by that date. Only completed models will be judged and their photos posted.


Application form can be found on the following link:

It should be downloaded, filled legibly, scanned and sent to following e-mail: bericcupmkns@gmail.com

It is obligatory to fill the name of the model, manufacturer, scale, author’s (modeler’s) first and last name, as well as e-mail address.

Upon applying the contestants will receive confirmation e-mail with code that needs to be printed and photographed next to the model.


Photographs of the model should be sent after receiving the confirmation e-mail for participation. It is advisable that photos are 1024*768 px, up to 300 KB and to clearly show the model and details of the ship. Photos of WIP can be taken while model is on the bench and they will not participate in competition for prizes, but can decide winner. Photographs with signatures and watermarks are not allowed. Each model can be represented with up to 10 photos (WIP included), advisably from as many angles as possible, as those of a model as a whole (if there are certain parts to be emphasized their photos should be sent as well). It is also recommended to send short textual description of the build process as well (Serbian and ex-YU competitors in their native language, and all the foreigners in English), along with some photos of the build if there is a detail or technique to be emphasized. Judges will upload some photos by their choice on the webpage and Facebook page of the club without the author name for the duration of competition.

All participants allow the organizers to publish photos in all the media (printed and electronic ones) by applying to competition, for the purpose of media presentations and promotion of club and competition, with the author credit.


Judges of the competition will be members of the Scale Model Club Novi Sad – IPMS Serbia, as well as our friends, members of Serbian Army’s River Flotilla. Models will be judged based on the sent photos. The quality of the photos will not directly influence the judging process, but if the photos are blurry and the model is not clearly seen it can cause lower grading of the model. MKNS IPMS Serbia holds the right to award more prizes and plaques depending on the quality of the models submitted. Also, Serbian Army’s River Flotilla will award special diploma for best model in their opinion.

The winner of online scale model competition Cup Aleksandar Berić will be announced on 12th of April 2017. The winner will be notified by email, and the results of the competition will be published on all the forums which had the notification about competition posted, as well as on the Facebook page and webpage of the club.


Awards are donated by the MKNS IPMS Serbia and Serbian Army’s River Flotilla in shape of plaques and diplomas. Only one model will be judged the best and declared winner, therefore awarded with a special prize. Other models can, if the judges decide receive plaques and diplomas. We keep the right of expanding the prize pool, about which the notifications will be posted during the competition. Those notifications are to be posted on the forums, as well as Facebook and webpage of the club.


This will depend upon the winner’s location. The contact with winner is via email address provided by competitor. The prizes should be posted within few days after competition ends and all in coordination with the winner.

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An online competition is an interesting idea!
FEB 25, 2017 - 08:46 PM
Tim, feel free to join on 1st of March or after...
FEB 26, 2017 - 04:45 AM
The competition has officially started... Feel free to join or drop by...
FEB 28, 2017 - 04:37 AM