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Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 05:31 AM GMT+7
Special Hobby have sent us details of new resin sets released under their CMK label. This month sees upgrades for the Zero, Harrier and Yak-3.
129-4339 RF-84 Thunderflash 1/48 Undercarriage Bays for Tanmodel
Following the correction sets with new ailerons and flaps, we have prepared also a new and detailed undercarriage bay set. The original parts in the kit are rather shallow and lack most of the details. Our set features all the surface details.
Price: 10.20 €

129-5115 A6M5c Zero – 1/32 Tail Control Surfaces for Hasegawa
The set includes a new rudder and tail planes with separate elevators and brings the option to portray the control surfaces in deployed position. No need to modify the kit.
Price: 13.70 €

129-5116 A6M5c Zero – 1/32 Ailerons for Hasegawa
The set offers new and separate ailerons (the kit has ailerons moulded with wing parts) and enables the modeller to attach the ailerons in deployed position.
Price: 7.50 €

129-7371 Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Engine Set for Airfix
This nicely detailed set offers the option to open the upper fuselage inspection hatch and attach a resin engine replica into the fuselage. Besides that, the set brings also the swivelling jet nozzles and fuselage hatches.
Price: 15.20 €

129-7372 Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Control Surfaces for Airifx
The control surface set includes separate ailerons, flaps, tail fin and a rudder. All the cast parts feature nicely engraved lines and inspection panels.
Price: 10.20 €

129-7373 Harrier GR.9A – 1/72 Cockpit Set for Airifx
This detailed cockpit set includes the cockpit tub, ejection seat with the belts, control column, instrument panel, side consoles and some other smaller parts to enhance the detail levels of the Airfix kit. The resin instrument panel is very thin.
Price: 10.20 €

129-Q32276 Yak-3 – 1/32 RSI 4 Radio Receiver for Special Hobby
The set brings the Soviet RSI 4 Radio Receiver that was used during the WW2 era for example in Yak-3 fighter airplanes.
Price: 3.70 €

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