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Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 02:20 AM GMT+7
Looking for some extra ordnance to hang on your model aircraft, L'Arsenal may have the right bomb.
L'Arsenal, from France, has some new 1/48 scale modern bombs to help load out that model kit you are building. Newly available are two variants of the GBU-24 and Brandt Cluster Bomb rack.

AC 48 83 : 1/48 BRANDT adaptateur 30-6-M2 avec BRANDT BAP 100-M2 x1
AC 48 86 : 1/48 GBU-24 A/B Low Level LGB x2
AC 48 87 : 1/48 GBU-24 /B Low Level LGB x2

You can find more information here, and AeroScale would like to thank L'Arsenal for the update.
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