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Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 01:08 AM GMT+7
Aerobonus [by Aires] has released a couple of 1/48 scale pilots with seats for the Northop F-5A/C and the F-5E
One gripe with some modellers is the lack of pilot figures in modern kit releases. Well Aerobonus are trying their best to address the problem. The resin pilots are moulded onto the seat so some careful painting is called for. The two releases are not designed for any specific kit. The F-5A/C pilot is wearing a forage cap rather than a helmet.

QAB480192 - USAF Fighter Pilot for Northrop F-5A/C with ejection seat 1/48
QAB480197 - USAF Fighter Pilot for Northrop F-5E with ejection seat 1/48

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