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Saturday, October 07, 2017 - 04:59 PM UTC
Avante Garde Model Kits [AMK] has announced it is to release a 1/48 scale Kfir C2/C7
”Two announcements in one.
Following on from the success of the 1/72 Kfir release, we decided to release the bigger cousin 1/48 Kfir but with some massive changes. New Tool fuselage with the “Coke-Bottle” shape, new weapons and added extras and decals. Check the module system of the Bullwinkle pod. There’s an Easter egg in here too. Lets see who find it first. Due to be released to distributors later this month.
Before you ask - this has not taken our focus away from the Tomcat project. This kit was already done and we figured that we would release it now and have some fun with competitions maybe. The Dev Team is totally focused on the Tomcat, releasing this kit now does not involve the Development or the Mold Team so we are making best use of factory time by sending this kit out now. Hope you like the pics. Feel free to share”.


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