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Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 11:12 AM GMT+7
AMP has announced plans to release a 1/48 scale medivac version of the Sikorsky R-5/S-51
It looks as if there will be four marking options.

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lovely model, I will pick one up.
about 20 hours ago
One thing about the decals. On the commercial S-51 at the time the Wing on the 'Winged S' at that time period always pointed forward on both sides per I. I. Sikorsky's direction. "Wings don't fly backwards" was the Quote. the 'S' remained as it should. this problem can be corrected wit a sharp blade. Thank God the model is 1/48 Merry Christmas Captn Tommy
about 20 hours ago
Thanks Tom and a Merry Christmas to you too
about 15 hours ago
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