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The summer is normally considered a fairly quiet time of year in modelling terms, but Eduard's extraordinary output continues unabated, with a bundle of new kits and accessories catering for all interests.
Liam Cusack (Dragon Models USA) has sent us some NEWS regarding future Aircraft Model releases from Dragon and Hasegawa, soon to be available at Dragon USA.
Eduard have been as busy as usual, with a long list of new kits and accessories this month.
Teh importer of Trumpeter products into the U.S.A., Stevens International, has, very helpfully sent us a snippet of what we can expect in Sept/Oct 2006...
Of course the big news from Eduard this month is that their brand new Polikarpov I-16 is shipping.The first release is the I-16 Type 10 with Soviet VVS markings. A special Spanish edition will follow it as a Dual Combo, with decals for four Republican and four Fascist airctraft. And that will not be the last of the I-16 line, with the Type 24 being prepared for July, and the Type 17, 18, and 29, to follow after that.
A few weeks ago, when I published the News that Accurate Armour were producing a range of R.A.F. Airfield Vehicles in 1/48th scale, I was expecting some delay before the first details and images would be available. Happily, that's not the case and Derek Hanson of Accurate Armour, has very kindly sent me images of these new kits...
Eduard's brand new 1/48 scale Polikarpov I-16 Type 10 is almost ready to ship. The latest word is that the kit will be released on May 1st.
Trumpeter definitely seems to be a company who likes the BIG kits. Some of their recent releases (the Blackjack for example) have undoubtedly been in this category. With these two new releases, there is no indication that the trend is showing any signs of waning...
Apart from their amazing helicopter models, the Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour, is NOT the first company that Aviation Modellers consider as a 'primary' source. All this, may however be changing...
There's plenty for all aircraft modellers in Eduard's April line-up, with a total of four new kit releases this month along with a mass of new etched sets.
Eduard probably raised a few eyebrows some months ago with their bold announcement of a new series of 1/48 scale Fw 190s. Having virtually cornered the market with their high quality WW1 models, Eduard now seem determined to take on the Big Boys in the highly competitive area of mainstream WW2 kits.
Something for the rotary-wing buffs:
Just arrived, and shipping by the end of the week, 4 new photoetch sets designed to fit both the Hasegawa and retooled Airfix 1/72 Lancaster kits. Detail as little or as much as you like.
Our 1/72 Lancaster PE sets are now going off for etching, and should be available in about 3 weeks.
Mirage Hobby's long awaited series of Grumman Wildcats have taken a step nearer with confirmation of the variants planned for release later this year.
PrintScale will be a new name to many readers, but this Ukrainian decal producer has already established a well-deserved reputation locally and looks set to cause quite a stir amongst aircraft modellers worldwide with a very interesting set of releases.
Unusually, the largest number of new releases from Osprey Publishing for february, seem to Aviation-related, so it seems like a good excuse to cover these seperately....
Just received News from Saúl García re: an Upcoming Release.

This time, it hails from MRC. They are Academy's US distributor.

This is a big (24” from the tip of its main rotor blades to the tip of its tail) 1/48 scale Academy Plastic Model Helicopter. It's the US Marines version of the CH-53E Super Sea Stallion

Saúl García has sent us some News of new Decals available from Techmod and Ardpol at Jadar-Model (Poland)
The Armor modellers are more than accustomed to this concept - produce a model which can be built in any one of three versions. Now, for the very first time, Dragon Models are applying the same techniques to an Aircraft kit - a 1/48th Focke-Wulf Ta 154....
Thanks to Joe Szczygielski (MOTHER), we are able to bring you news of the two announced releases from the Korean Plastic Manufacturer, Academy...
The question was wherher to put this in Aviation or Armor.... This will be one of those models which should encourage Armor modellers to 'cross-over' into aviation, and the Aviation builders to change theme and scale....
Once again, a considerable number of new releases from Eduard including two new full-kits in 1/48th and 1/72nd scale...
Polish WW2 aircraft models are not that common. To My knowledge, an injected kit of the PZL P.23 "Karas" was only available in 1/72 scale by Heller so far. Now the waiting is over for the 1/48 crowd as Mirage Hobby, specialists in Polish airplanes, have just released what seems to be a promising kit!
Hasegawa Models have recently announced their releases for January 2006, all of which are flagged as "Limited Edition".
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