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  • ED_Fw190A6_Boxtop
Due to an oversight, the first batch of Eduard's superb new 1/48 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-6 was shipped without instructions for the painting masks and the comprehensive set of stencil decals.
  • Dragon_Me_262B_1
Dragon Models have looked back into their Luftwaffe archive and produced two new 1/48 scale kits that have never been released before.
  • PZL W-3T Sokół
A new manufacturer from Poland has just announced their first kit.
Next month will be a busy one for Eduard, with the first of this summer's new kits appearing. The superb Focke-Wulf 190 series continues with the Fw 190A-6 and modern jet fans have a brand new Mirage 2000D/N, plus there's a new set of Russian figures in 1/48 scale and the usual plethora of new etched sets and masks.

  • Mirage III
Hot on the heels of the 1/48th Hobby Boss and Eduard re-release of their Mirage III series of aircraft come 2 versions for the braille scale builder from AML's range of 1/72nd Mirages.
Dragon has released a 1/72 scale model of a P-38 Pathfinder containing all the special characteristics of this version of the Lightning.
It receives a clear nose thanks to a completely new mold that shows off the radar system installation.
Detail is finely rendered, and careful engineering ensures this model aircraft is easy to assemble.
A new model release from Russian firm South Front - 1/48 scale Lavochkin La-5.
Osprey have announced 2 new releases from the Aircraft of the Aces series which should interest all W.W.1 fans.
And for all the W.W.2 fans out there you haven't been left out, with a interesting look at Modelling the P-51 Mustang from their Osprey Modelling series.
I didn't think I'd ever see a book (and it looks like a nice one) about this obscure aircraft.
A little known fact is that the Douglas B-18 Bolo was America's most numerous front line bomber at the time of Pearl Harbor.
The full title is "Douglas B-18 Bolo - The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to U-Boat Hunter" by William Wolf (ISBN 978-0-7643-2581-6) USD $59.95 (retail).
Hasegawa's ever growing new releases continue at an astonishing rate.
With several kits announced especially for the 2007 Shizuoka Hobby Show .
The pick of the bunch is definitely the eagerly awaited 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-5 with the BMW 327 car.
Also a great package in 1/32 is the Kawasaki KI61-I Hei Hien with metal Machine Gun Barrels & Pilot Tube plus a 1/32 Metal Figure of I.J.A.A.F. Flight Regiment Capt. Teruhiko Kobayashi.
Academy have released a new version of their 1/72nd scale B-29 SuperFortress range.
A new model release from Ukrainian firm A -Model - 1/72 scale Kawasaki Ki-32 .
  • P1000671
Available from Fonderie Miniature, here is an unexpected guest for the year 2007: a Levasseur PL 101 in 1/48 scale. I think modellers who like weird and ugly planes will like this one!
  • Ed_Avia_B534_IV_Boxtop
Eduard have a number of exciting new releases for June.

The follow up to their superb Avia B.534 III série comes in the shape of the IV série with an enclosed cockpit.

Meanwhile, fans of classic jets have a Weekend Edition of the Mirage IIIC RF to look forward to and Eduard are bound to make a lot of friends with the release of a new set of 1/48 scale figures - WW2 RAF Pilots (judging from the box-art, we may be able to look forward to some ground-crew too...).
Anigrand Craftwork have released 3 new resin kits to excite the prototype and unusual aircraft modellers in our midst's.
Also listed are their next 3 kits scheduled for release anytime soon.
Fliegerhorst is a resin kit manufacturer from Germany mostly known for it's range of 1/48 scale Luft' 46 kits. They have updated their website and the most interesting news is that they are working on a 1/32 scale Dornier Alpha Jet kit.
Hasegawa release another set of "Limited Edition" kits for June.
Several 1/72nd and 1/48th scale models. There is also a 1/32nd kit in the offering for this month.
Last year, the Scottish manufacturer, Accurate Armour began producing a series of aviation-related items in 1/48th scale. The next few months will see an expansion of this range:
  • Dragon_Huey_Boxtop
Dragon has announced a new 1/35 UH-1D kit with PE and a crew. Hopefully it is more than just the Panda kit with some updates, but that would be welcome as well.
Its not often you see Strategic transport / long-range air-lifter aircraft on Aeroscale.
Anigrand Craftsworks just released BIG C-17 GlobeMaster III is definitely worth seeing.
  • Ed_Avia_box
Eduard have been busy again! The big news for most of us is sure to be the release of the first of Eduard's new Avia B.534 series, but there's plenty more to look forward to, with a new boxing of the 1/48 scale Mirage and the usual plethora of etched detail sets.
ToRo Models of Poland have just released their latest 1/48th scale figure in their "Polish Air Force 1939" range.
So here is a update of their range of 1/48th resin figures and accessories.
Joseph Osborne of Fireball Modelworks has just announced a new resin and decal set to correct the 1/48 Trumpeter HH-65 Dauphin kit and has decals for just about all current USCG HH-65s. It looks great.
A new kit and one welcome re-release from Czech Manufacture Special Hobby this month.
Hasegawa are probably the most prolific regarding kit releases out of the Big Boys of the modelling industry.
May's release list gives us some great looking kits in 1/72nd and 1/48th scale.
A new fantastic looking book from MMP covering Helicopters and Auto-gyros Of the Third Reich.
Radu Brinzan is getting himself quite a reputation as a producer of high quality accessories. His new decal set gives you an insight into his personal passion and interests.
With the launch of the Rotary Wing forum, it seems fitting to bring you news of several helicopter releases.
TRAM23 has kindly sent in some sprue shots of A-Models 1/72nd scale WWII Pe-8- Soviet bomber.
Modelimex have just released pics of the long awaited 1/48 scale Fairey Fulmar from MPM.
Trumpeter have released the dates of 3 new Cats to their already impressive 1/32nd scale range of aircraft kits.
Having already released the Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat late version and the F4F-4 Wildcat, the new release gives you the option to model the Early F4F-3.
Two new tooling's for Hellcat, gives you the chance to build this very successful fighter.
The VALOM company was founded in 2002 and it is focused on producing aircraft model kits and accessories.
Plastic parts are made with injection moulded-short run technology.
They are now entering into producing 1/48th scale aircraft kits.
Here is the release list for the 2007 and 2008.
There should be something here for everyone to look out for.
Goffy Model from the Czech Republic offer resin sets for armor models, dioramas but also for aircraft kits.
The B-1b cockpit and entrance ladder (for Monogram/Revell 1/72 kit), is the first of a series of update sets for this kit.
Other aircraft are also treated with update sets.
AZ Models produce short run injection moulded kits with resin and Photo-etch parts included.
Their new releases include a Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk.XI in 1/48th scale.
There is a nice mix of aircraft covered from Pre-War to W.W.2.
The Fiat CR.42 Falco was Italys last biplane fighter, and Mushroom Model Publications have released a new book in thier Orange series on this aircraft.
The book contains superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around colour photographs and rare b+w archive photographs.
Thanks to Pat McGrath (Exer) for the heads up on this release.
The Airfix kit was one of the only large scale Hurricane kits about, but with a new tooled 1/24th scale kit from Trumpeter, things are about to change.
Planet models usually release the weird and wonderful prototypes of the Second World War, and their two newest releases have not disappointed.
One each from the Allied and Axis powers and both developed as high altitude fighters.
Eduard have sent us details of their March releases. There's plenty to look forward to - and it's great to see the venerable Tamiya 1/48 scale Lancaster get its turn in the limelight - but one item is surely bound to grab the attention... the long-awaited Royal Class Fw 190!
You can bet this isn't the whole story(!) - Hasegawa (in particular) have only announced kits for the first half of the year - but here's an idea of what to look out for in 1/48 scale during 2007. There are a number of joint-ventures between manufacturers and some of the kits are already available, some will probably apppear next year and some may never see the light of day...
A pretty hefty list - and it's almost certainly not complete! Here's an overview of what to look out for in 1/72 scale during 2007 based on current announcements. Some kits will be joint-ventures between manufacturers, some are already available, some will apppear next year and some may never see the light of day...
Here's a checklist of some of the 1/100-1/144 scale kits to look out during 2007.
This is my first report from this years Nuremberg Trade Fair for AeroScale so I trust you'll be patient! Amongst the many model manufacturers present was the Polish manufacturer Mirage Hobby who had a couple of VERY interesting new aviation releases on their stand...
If you want to detail your Wellington, your He 177 or your Fw 190 A-5, take a look at these impressive pictures of Eduard's latest Photo etched Sets!
Eduard have sent us some pictures of their new plastic kits (Me 262B DUAL COMBO, Spad XIII early DUAL COMBO and Roland C.II Weekend Edition). They are available now and you should see them soon on the shelves of your Local Hobby Shop.
HobbyBoss caused quite a stir with their entrance onto the 1/48 scale AFV stage (including superdetailed T-34s) - and for some time their website has carried an intriguing "coming soon" under the 1/48 scale Aircraft tag...
Hasegawa have plenty to keep aircraft modellers busy during the cold winter nights. Along with the B-26B/C and P-39N due anytime now, the list of future releases and Limited Editions makes exciting reading.
Classic Airframes are announcing a new Family of Dornier Do 17 kits in 1/48 scale! The first kits should be available from April 2007! For every fan of the "Flying Pencil" this is for sure great news!
Looking through Eduard's plans for 2007 is almost daunting... there are just so many projects! The full list can be found in their January newsletter, but I've picked out some of the highlights that caught my eye.

Obviously, the big news this month must be the release of Eduard's upgraded version of AM's classic 1/48 scale Shturmovik, plus the return of Eduard's own Fw 190 A-8 after the initial production run sold out in record time. But there's masses more exciting stuff among the list of January releases.

After years of being on modellers' wants lists, the LaGG-3 is suddenly getting its turn in the limelight. Last year saw the release of South Front's short-run injected kit, but now we have a stunning new model from resin masters Vector.
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