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Begemot Decals has released an extensive selection of stencils in 1/32 scale for the MiG-29
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Begemot Decals has released an extensive set of lettering for Russian naval aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary, in 1/48 scale
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A very colourful release from Begemot, which should brighten up your 1/48 Trumpeter Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer", that is if you want it brightening mind.
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Begemot are to release a stunning looking decal set with the opportunity to make 54 marking variations of your Mig 29. This set is part one, so it will be interesting what markings they missed from this sheet for part two. In the meantime feast your eyes on these decals and prepare to search your stash or invest in a Trumpeter or Revell Fulcrum.
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Decal release with the opportunity to create 54 marking variations for the MiG-29 in 1/48 and 1/72. Types including:
Mig-29 type 9-12 early batches.
Mig-29 type 9-12 late batches.
Mig-29 type 9-13.
Mig-29 type 9-51 (MiG-29UB).