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Eagle Editions have released details of the latest EageCals, available in all three popular scales:
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Eagle Editions have announced a unique opportunity for anyone modelling US aircraft from the earliest days of aviation right through to the end of the Cold War.
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If you're looking to model a Ta 152 with a difference, Eagle Editions have just the thing for you with new multi-media torpedo carrier conversion set as part of their EagleParts range.
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Eagle Editions have released a new multi-media Fw 190A-5 torpedo carrier conversion set as part of their EagleParts range.
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Eagle Editions have extended their range of top quality Luftwaffe decals with the release of two new sheets of Bf 109F-4/Trop EagleCals available in 1:48 and 1:32.
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Eagle Editions made a surprise discovery while reorganizing their climate controlled decals store room recently; stock of their popular EagleCals Bf 109K decals #EC15, thought to be sold out for some time, had simply been mis-filed.
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With so much attention focused on Doras lately, it's been all too easy to forget the earlier model Fw 190A-1/A-2 & A-3. Well, that's all set to change with PCM's brand new 1:32 kit imminent, and Eagle Editions are ready with a perfectly timed pair of decal sheets.
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Thomas H. Hitchock's long awaited study of the Ta 152 is due for publication this spring. Originally announced by Monogram Publications over five years ago, the future of this book, which represents the fruits of years of research, seemed in the balance until that company was acquired by Eagle Editions.
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With Eduard's new 1:48 kit rekindling interest in the Fw 190D, Eagle Editions have released an exciting new batch of EagleCals based on Volume 2 of Jerry Crandall's definitive study of the aircraft.
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Eagle Editions have announced the release of the hotly anticipated Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Dora Vol. Two.
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Master modeller Radu Brinzan should need little introduction. As well as releasing accessories and tools under his own name, he's produced a pair of resin upgrades for Eduard's Bf 109E exclusively for Eagle Editions.
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Not content with the single decal option in Dragon's 1:48 Ta 152C? Well, Eagle Editions have just the thing with a new sheet timed to coincide with the kit's release.
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Eagle Editions have announced the release of a new set of 1/32 scale photo-etched Luftwaffe rudder pedals created by master-modeller Radu Brinzan.
  • EC120
Eagle Editions have announced 3 new sets of EagleCals for the Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1.
  • 6wotbc-cover
Eagle Editions have announce Volume 6 in their popular series of Luftwaffe photo albums - Wings Of The Black Cross.
  • EC117
Eagle Editions have announced three exciting new decal sheets timed to accompany Dragon's big new 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf 110C-7. The Bf 110 C/D sheets will also be produced in 1/48 scale, making them ideal for anyone looking for fresh colour schemes for Eduard's well established kit.
  • EE_127
Among Eagle Editions' series of Wings of Valor fine art prints are four limited editions featuring the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 and the Ta 152.
  • 2004-poster
Eagle Editions have released a unique series of signed posters designed to celebrate the attendance of leading aviators and historians at four different annual US International Plastic Modeler's Society conventions.
The latest book from Eagle Editions is Volume 5 of their successful series Wings of the Black Cross.
  • EC114-cover
The first new releases to be featured on Eagle Editions' redesigned website are a trio of exciting Spitfire Mk.IX decal sheets.
Eagle Editions have announced the purchase of Monogram Aviation Publications, long noted for their top quality aircraft books, including Ken Merrick's almost legendary "The Official Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935-1945" (now out of print).
  • EC112cover
Eagle Editions have announced two exciting new decal sheets designed for Tamiya's 1/48 scale Fieseler Fi 156 Storch.
  • EC_93
Eagle Editions have announced two new 1/32 scale etched detail sets for Luftwaffe and USAAF modellers created by master pattern maker Radu Brinzan.
  • 86final-covers
Eagle Editions have published the complete story of the training and operations of the 86th FG, Third Air Force and later with the Twelfth Air Force. Written by Steve Luce, a son of one of the group’s pilots Lt. Warren Luce, the new book describes both the men as well as the machines they flew in a comprehensive, fully photographically documented format.
  • 357cover
After their series of spectacular Thunderbolts, Eagle Editions have turned the spotlight on the P-51D, releasing three new decal sheets to coincide with the publication of their major new book "To War With The Yoxford Boys". Each sheet is available in both 1/32 and 1/48 scales and features three exciting Mustangs.
  • EEDORA-Cover-V1
Eagle Editions are ready to ship Volume One of Jerry Crandall's epic saga of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D. The fruit of over 20 years research into the subject, this looks set to become the definitive work on the Dora.
  • EC-107
Eagle Editions have a real bundle ready for WW2 enthusiasts in October - a new set of spectacular P-47 decals, detailed metal Fw 190 gear legs, resin R4M rockets and another example of Radu Brinzan's amazing etched Bf 109 canopy frames.
  • EC105-cover
Eagle Editions have an impressive line-up of new decal sheets with a brace of spectacular P-47s and P-51s.
  • EC_54
Eagle Editions have released a new spectacular decal sheet for the P-47D Bubble Top and what surely must be the most detailed Bf 109 canopy detail set available...
  • EE_50
Eagle Editions have announced the publication of the long-awaited second volume of their superb history of Jagdgeschwader 300 "Wilde Sau".
  • EE_47
Eagle Editions are running a special promotion this summer for collectors of fine Aviation Art. The work of Jerry Crandall has appeared in countless reference books and, of course, his profiles often accompany EagleCal decals.

Eagle Editions are mounting a special commemoration for Wolfgang Falck, known affectionately by his former comrades as the Father of the Night Fighters, who died in March this year.
Eagle Editions has announced some really impressive additions to their range of decals and books in their winter newsletter.
Eagle Editions have announced their latest sets of EagleCal decals and the release of two exciting new books aimed at WW2 enthusiasts.
Eagle Editions ltd. was for me at least, an unknown company. Now within the news pages, I am pleased to bring you a link and some details of this producer/retailer.