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In-Box Review
Oddball Tank Crew

by: Rodger Cole [ HALFYANK ]

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I'm the biggest fan in the world of the movie Kelly's Heroes. In fact the idea of recreating Oddball's tank was one thing that got me interested in getting back into the hobby. When I finally got a chance to pick up the Jaguar set of 'Oddball Tank Crew', kit number ja63134, I jumped at it.


What\'s in the box
The kit consists of three figures, one whole figure of Oddball, and two half figures, Moriarty, and the character wearing the red fez. These are all done in a cream colored resin. The Oddball figure consists of the torso, legs, separate feet, separate arms, and a separate pistol for his belt. The other two are one-piece figures with their arms at their sides.


This is my first resin set and it\'s pretty much what I expected. The molding is sharp and crisp and has good details. Noteworthy is this is one of the few sets I\'ve seen with facial hair. Both Oddball and Moriarty have beards, while the third figure has a mustache. On my kit there is little or no flash.

The sculptor did their homework and gave Oddball his distinctive aviator style helmet, beard, and leather jacket. Moriarty is supposed to be wearing some kind of scarf or handkerchief on his head, and the third figure has his fez.


My only real complaint is concerning the facial features of the three figures. I was really hoping to have them look like Donald Sutherland, Gavin McLeod, and the other actor and in this I was disappointed. This might have been due to not being able to get permission from the actors involved. To me the most distinctive feature on these three figures are their prominent noses. Other than Oddball\'s beard, Moriarty\'s unshaven face, and the mustache on the third guy, these three could be brothers.

List price, according to Great Models where I got them, is $25.95. I paid $18.25 for them. Compared to other resin kits, like VLS or Warrior, this seems about fair for three figures, with two of them being half figures. Compared to DML, where you can get four full figures for under $8.00, I think it\'s a bit high. That is the price you pay for good quality resin figures though. My score on value is based on the somewhat limited use for these figures.


I would recommend this kit to anybody wanting to do a dio of Oddball and his crew. I suppose they could also be used to give other models an unique look, having crew figures that aren\'t the typical clean cut Americans so often portrayed. The name says it all Oddball Tank Crew.

Recommended for anybody wanting to do a dio of Oddball and his crew.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: JA63134
  Suggested Retail: $25.95
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 01, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

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