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DieselHO Scale10 000 678GP40-2Frederick Boucher In-BoxRemote Control95%126632010-08-24
FreightO Scale (A95911937 AAR BoxcarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits93%96672011-05-01
FreightO Scale (A8494USRA 55-Ton Coal HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%124472011-05-03
FreightN Scale33582NE-6 CabooseFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%73562011-07-06
Vehicles1:8730 000 068Porsche Cayman S - Red Frederick Boucher First LookMetal Kits80%71262011-07-11
Vehicles1:8730 000 066Land Rover DefenderFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits95%77062011-08-06
FreightO Scale (A3002021Wood Express ReeferFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits96%75842011-08-16
FreightN Scale3300740' Plug Door Box CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits80%64442011-08-31
FreightN Scale50 000 620Pressureaide Covered HopperFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits95%76892011-11-05
FreightN Scale50 000 589N Kaolin Tank Car Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits83%64242011-10-16
FreightHO Scale20 001 148 42' Coil Steel CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%82692011-11-02
VehiclesHO Scale30 000 070Porsche Boxster SRandy HarveyFirst LookAccessories80%69632011-12-20
FreightHO Scale20 001 055ACF Pressureaide ACFXFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits85%75092011-12-20
FreightO Scale (N96818,000 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%96692012-01-26
FreightN Scale50 000 65717,360 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%74372012-02-04
FreightN Scale4155840' Wood ReeferFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits92%69232012-02-04
FreightO Scale (A9727AAR 1937 40' Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits88%84702012-02-11
FreightHO Scale20 001 189 Thrall 4750 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits75%86212012-03-10
FreightN Scale50 000 695Atlas N Trainman 50' 6 BoxcarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits78%68712012-03-10
FreightN Scale39862C&O Steel CabooseFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits80%64442012-08-24
FreightN Scale45758USRA Double Sheathed BoxFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits92%64072012-08-24
FreightHO Scale20 001 538FMC 5077 Single Door Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%78022013-02-01
Rolling StockN Scale50 000 948Master® N 40' PS-1 Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%62592013-02-06
Rolling StockN Scale50 001 014Beer Can Shorty Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits70%72092013-02-06
FreightHO Scale20 001 423CN 42' Coil Steel CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%68442013-02-25
Rolling StockN Scale50 000 967N Trainman® 90 Ton HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits70%67402013-02-26
Non-revenueN Scale50 000 982N Standard Cupola Caboose Frederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%72912013-03-04
FreightN Scale50 000 923ACF 3560 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%82102013-03-05
Rolling StockHO Scale20 001 51785-Foot Flat CarFrederick Boucher First LookMetal Kits90%59732013-03-30
SceneryHO Scale70 000 023 Street LightFrederick Boucher First LookLighted Kit95%64832013-04-15
LinesideHO Scale70 000 024Highway Light, version 1Frederick Boucher First LookLighted Kit95%58382013-04-19
LinesideN Scale60 000 066Street LightFrederick Boucher First LookLighted Kit95%60082013-04-20
FreightHO Scale20 001 68336' Wood Reefer Steam ClassicFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%62012013-09-04
FreightN Scale50 001 136Thrall 4750 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits80%65182013-09-13
FreightN Scale50 001 125ACF 23,500 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%66842013-10-10
Rolling StockN Scale4097370 Ton Ore CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits70%61112013-11-03
FreightN Scale50 001 26440' Billboard ReeferFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits92%68262013-10-12
Rolling StockN Scale50 001 03689'4'' Flat CarFrederick Boucher First LookMetal Kits90%60482013-10-30
FreightHO Scale20 001 59362' Bulkhead Flat CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits70%67542013-10-31
Rolling StockHO Scale20 001 38540' Postwar Box Car 6' DoorFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits87%61732014-02-19
FreightHO Scale20 001 97950’ ACF Box CarBrent ArrittFirst LookPlastic KitsN/A49742014-03-04
FreightN Scale50 001 258USRA Single-Sheathed Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A57802014-04-07
FreightN Scale50 001 562N 1932 ARA Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A61952014-04-15
FreightHO Scale20 002 01340’ Billboard Refrigerator CarBrent ArrittIn-BoxPlastic KitsN/A52822014-04-15
FreightHO Scale20 002 6071932 ARA Box Car, Master Line Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A64612014-04-19
FreightHO Scale20 002 66168' Flat CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A62542014-04-21
N Scale50 001 284N Scale 50’ ACF Box CarBrent ArrittIn-BoxPlastic Kits95%45182014-04-22
FreightN Scale50 001 3092-Bay Center Flow Hopper CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A74132014-06-25
FreightHO Scale20 002 69340' Refrigerated ContainerFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A55092014-09-19
ElectronicsN/A57Deluxe Switch Control BoxFrederick Boucher In-BoxRemote ControlN/A66862014-10-12
FreightO Scale (A300640240' USRA Composite GondolaFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A63212014-10-28
FreightHO Scale21 000 055Trainman® 1937 AAR 40' Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A57852014-12-14
FreightN Scale50 001 28750' ACF Rib-side Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A59042014-12-30
FreightHO Scale20 002 582Trainman® ACF® 50' 6''Frederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A60742014-12-30
DieselN Scale40 001 769 N RS-1 LocomotiveFrederick Boucher BuiltMetal KitsN/A56992015-02-04
FreightHO Scale20 002 590 HO Thrall 2743 GondolaFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A57232015-02-25
VehiclesHO Scale30000093BackhoeFrederick Boucher First LookMetal KitsN/A55202015-03-24
Electronics1:10313Universal Power PackFrederick Boucher ToolRemote ControlN/A53362015-05-04
DieselHO Scale10 001 589HH600/660 SwitcherFrederick Boucher BuiltMulti-media KitN/A65802015-05-06
VehiclesO Scale (A820008Volvo Front End LoaderFrederick Boucher In-BoxMetal KitsN/A67982015-05-13
VehiclesHO Scale30 000 0891993 Ford ExplorerSean HadfieldIn-BoxPlastic Kits95%43992015-06-07
FreightN Scale50 001 911Evans 52' GondolaFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A52202015-08-15
FreightHO Scale20 003 070ACF 60' Auto Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A52362015-08-29
FreightN Scale50 001 968PS 2750 Triple HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A55952015-08-31
FreightHO Scale20 002 97450' Plug Door Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A49482015-09-19
FreightHO Scale20 003 31250' Double Door Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A51692015-10-07
Non-revenueN Scale50 002 125Cupola CabooseFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A52212015-10-10
FreightN Scale50 002 080ACF 23,500 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A48882015-10-10
DieselHO Scale10 001 899ALCO S-2 LocomotiveFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A57302015-10-14
FreightHO Scale20 003 16223,500 gal. Tank CarSean HadfieldFirst LookMulti-media Kit95%38392015-10-29
FreightN Scale50 002 003N 90-Ton HopperSean LambIn-BoxPlastic Kits80%34082016-01-05
FreightN Scale50 002 251N 50 foot Double Door Box CarSean LambBuiltPlastic Kits80%35952016-01-06
FreightN Scale50 002 245N 50ft DD Boxcar SLSFSean LambBuiltPlastic KitsN/A36142016-01-06
FreightHO Scale20 003 369USRA Steel Rebuilt Box Car Frederick Boucher BuiltPlastic KitsN/A47922016-01-18
DieselN Scale40 002 451N GP-30 Phase 2 LocomotiveFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A48902016-01-20
FreightHO Scale20 003 307 40' Wood Reefer Frederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A52192016-01-30
FreightHO Scale20 003 38950' Postwar Single Door BoxcarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A53422016-02-08
FreightHO Scale20 003 436Evans 53' Double Plug Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookReferenceN/A55262016-02-11
FreightHO Scale20 003 54050' GARX ReeferFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A53632016-04-24
Non-revenueHO Scale20 003 597NE-6 Caboose New Haven StyleFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A54702016-04-28
FreightN Scale50 002 61570 Ton Ore CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A49702016-05-04
FreightN Scale50 002 52950' Fruit Growers Express RBLFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A50032016-05-31
FreightHO Scale20 002 838Thrall Articulated Well CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A51532016-07-29
FreightN Scale50 002 418FMC 5077 Single Door Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A48252016-09-22
Non-revenueN Scale50 002 517NE-6 Caboose New Haven StyleFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A51082016-09-28
FreightHO Scale20 004 010NS TopGonFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A40102017-03-28
DieselHO Scale10 001 946RSD-4/5Frederick Boucher BuiltMulti-media KitN/A49122016-12-09
FreightHO Scale20 003 74611,000 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A42812017-01-08
FreightN Scale50 002 797N NSC 50' Plug Door Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A45372017-01-19
FreightN Scale50 002 485N 1932 ARA Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A38132017-05-13
FreightHO Scale20 003 850AAR 70 Ton 3-Bay Open HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A38692017-03-30
Rolling StockN Scale9005100-Ton TrucksFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A33202017-05-27
DieselN Scale40 002 994U23B LocomotiveFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A35012017-06-08
FreightHO Scale20 003 99550' Single Door Boxcar, ICFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A29302017-08-02
FreightN Scale50 003 025ACF 50'6'' BoxcarFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A29272017-08-04
FreightN Scale50 003 00531,000 Gallon Crude Oil TankerFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media Kit95%28982017-10-05
FreightHO Scale20 004 164PS-2 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media KitN/A28672017-11-14
FreightHO Scale20 004 338FMC 5347 DD BoxcarFrederick Boucher BuiltMulti-media KitN/A26862017-12-19
FreightHO Scale20 004 450ACF 3560 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A24942018-01-07
FreightN Scale50 003 35140' PS-1 Boxcar, 6' DoorFrederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media Kit95%23802018-01-27
DieselN Scale40 002 851SD-24Frederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media KitN/A25912018-01-27
Track, Roadbed, SignalingHO Scale70 000 032Plate Girder BridgeFrederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media KitN/A23072018-02-17
DieselHO Scale10 002 383GP40-2Frederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media KitN/A27392018-03-05
Rolling StockN ScaleBLMA9025 70-Ton ASF Ride Control TrucksFrederick Boucher In-BoxAccessoriesN/A22912018-04-06
FreightN ScaleBLMA904570-Ton ASF A-3 Ride ControlFrederick Boucher In-BoxAccessoriesN/A24232018-03-30
FreightO Scale (N3002910X-29 40' Box CarFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A20532018-04-16
PassengerN/ASee Text60' Observation CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A21862018-04-28
FreightN/ASee TextGSI Pulpwood Flat CarFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A20232018-05-06
PassengerHO Scale20 003 61310-1-1 Pullman SleeperFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A16582018-06-20
FreightO Scale (N30048298000 Gallon Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A13272018-07-21
VehiclesN Scale2941N Ford F-150Frederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A8472018-10-21
FreightHO Scale20 004 894 AAR 70 Ton 9-Panel Open HopperFrederick Boucher In-BoxMulti-media KitN/A5442018-11-02
DieselHO Scale10 002 641ALCo RS-36 LocomotiveFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A5472018-11-04
FreightHO Scale20004869ACF 3560 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A4922018-11-09
FreightN Scale50 004 016N ACF 3560 Covered HopperFrederick Boucher First LookMulti-media KitN/A4782018-11-11