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General Aircraft
This forum is for general aircraft modelling discussions.
KitMaker: 2016 Model of the Year open for voting
British Columbia, Canada
Joined: September 03, 2009
KitMaker: 6,462 posts
AeroScale: 5,765 posts
Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2017 - 07:16 AM GMT+7

Now is the time to make difficult decisions. Yes, Aeroscalers, here is the 2016 Model of the Year contest ballot. Take a look at the entries, and decide which one turns your crank the most.

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Massachusetts, United States
Joined: October 23, 2011
KitMaker: 1,983 posts
AeroScale: 1,505 posts
Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2017 - 10:46 AM GMT+7
Nice collection of work this year!
Victoria, Australia
Joined: June 09, 2009
KitMaker: 5,311 posts
AeroScale: 3,383 posts
Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2017 - 11:35 AM GMT+7
Voted. As always nigh on impossible to put one in front of the rest. Great to see variants from opposite ends of the age of aircraft represented, and unusual to see just one WWII type in the mix.

Congratulations and good luck to all entrants, awesome work all round.

Cheers, D
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