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photobucket solution
European Union
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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 06:44 PM UTC

Are you still working on a picture-storage-upload solution after the photobucket disaster?

If yes, any ideas on availability?

I need to urgently take a decision on what platform to use for aeroscale pictures and would prefer having it here.

I do not want to start with some other picture site (and most probably end up in a new photobucket situaion soon or late) only to read that kitmaker has a solution a few weeks later
Washington, United States
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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 09:13 PM UTC
Best of luck with your quest Drab.

Based on another thread I switched over to Imgur. It works just like Photobucket did, but of course there's no guarantee that they won't hold us up for ransom sooner or later.

Before I switched, I was taking advantage of my space on the Kitmaker Gallery. It is a bit of an exercise though. It helps to be a subscriber for the extra space. But you need a local photo editor to crop and adjust your pictures. Then you need to compress the picture. The gallery will politely ignore you when you try to load larger pictures, say anything over 2-3MB. It will tell you that's it's finished processing, but nothing happened. nothing got uploaded, no error messages, nothing. I end up compressing them down to 1024 x ? or 840 x ?, that ends up less than 500kB and then Kitmaker gallery will accept it.
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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 10:58 PM UTC
I switched to imgur shortly after PB lost their bloody minds and basically destroyed most of their customers' posts. If imgur should decide to go the same route in the future, i.e. "hold images for ransom," as did PB ... well, then I'm done posting. I'll just go my merry way and build models without the added anguish of sitting in front of a computer dealing with the deliberate chaos created by an image hosting site. For now, I really enjoy posting from imgur, it is by far a much better platform to work from. ... Accordingly, I'm enjoying more time spent at my workbench.

My experience is based on using an Macbook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 6s. All of my devices are linked through iCloud. While using Apple's iOS11 combined with imgur's free app, I have been able to edit, download, and/or upload images from my iPad Pro as needed.

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Ontario, Canada
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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2017 - 11:29 PM UTC
If you want my solution, I would suggest you switch to Google Photos, I have been using it for years. It is great, never had any issues, and it links with my Android phone, so I also have the images with me.