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Damon's Demon

This is my 1/72 scale Tamiya P-47D Razorback. It has great detail in the box, a very nice cockpit, and builds up very well. I would highly recommend it to any level of builder who wants a nice, enjoyable 1/72 build.

The markings are Aeromaster decals from the 1998 IPMS/USA National Convention and feature the artwork of George Rarey. Rarey was a commercial artist and created nose art for his fellow P-47 pilots of the 379th Fighter Squadron. This specific plane is Rarey’s own “Damon’s Demon.” Unfortunately, Rarey was killed a couple of weeks after D-Day in combat over France. To learn more about Rarey and see more of his artwork and nose art sketches, you can visit www.rareybird.com

For help building the kit, I relied heavily on both the Osprey book: Modelling the P-47 Thunderbolt, and their free 1/72 version of the book which can be found at www.ospreypublishing.com
I highly recommend both of these books as I learned a lot from them and continue to review them for tips and techniques while working on a 1/48 Thunderbolt.
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A great build Leon! Did this win MoM earlier this year? I too have this kit all ready to go for the strafing campaign.The Osprey book is very good,and Ive got plenty of ideas from it for my build. George Rarey really was a spectacular cartoonist.Ive visited his sons site many times,and the images that have survived are very poignant. Im sure he would have become a very famous artist if he had survived the war. Nige
DEC 08, 2006 - 02:29 AM
Nice job, I love these birds. I like the subtle yet apparent panel shading, well done.
DEC 08, 2006 - 03:20 AM
Thanks guys. Lampie, Yes, this did win a MOM, but I don't remember which month. As for George Rarey, I really, really like his work. I even went ahead and got his sketchbook that is talked about on the website. It is pretty nice, and I enjoy trying to look at and replicate his drawings Nothing like drawing cartoonish airplanes Leon
DEC 08, 2006 - 06:21 AM